Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Charms of Mexico - SAYULITA

Sayulita is a small village in the pacific coast of Mexico, in the state of Nayarit. It is famous for its charming town, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, hotels and bungalows and its chill vibe.

Personally, it's my favorite beach in all of Mexico. Not only because this is the exact spot I got proposed to at 00:00 hr of January 1st of 2015, under the shining stars, moonlight and fireworks, but also because it's just a wonder!

I have been there three times and I am charmed every time I go back! It has definitely changed over the years, it is growing, there are more hotels, more restaurants than the first time I ever went, yet it still has that hippie vibe I, and I am sure many, love and that's the reason why many people choose to come back to. In 2015, it was officially named a Pueblo Mágico (translated Magic Town) by the president of Mexico, integrating it into a group of selected charming towns throughout the country.

Local shops sell all kinds of souvenirs and accessories
The town and its buildings is full of different colors and you see people from everywhere around the world, of all colors, shapes, sizes and ages! If you are in the mood for shopping art and handcrafts, this is a great place to be.  I'm sure many will agree with me, Sayulita is like a different world. Everyone is ok with each other, it doesn't matter what you're wearing, where you're from or what you look like, it's ok, and we're all friends!

Sayulita by night

You have many options for lodging in Sayulita, including comfortable and beautiful hotels, or maybe you feel more adventurous and stay on a camping site right in front of the beach or at one of the many hostels. This last time, we stayed at an AirBnb bungalow from a local resident with private bathroom and kitchen. It was awesome!

Our bungalow rental

The food is amazing and varied. You can get street tacos, delicious juicy seafood accompanied by a beer, or maybe you decide to enjoy a nice sit-down dinner with truly amazing pasta, pizza and wine. Yum!

During the day, you can lay on the beautiful sand of the beach and have a good swim and try one of the surfing lessons they offer. Or maybe horseback riding, zip lining, scuba diving or maybe you're into golf or a yoga class with an ocean view. The massages are pretty amazing and there are so many to choose from. Or how about getting on a boat and go see the Marietas Islands in Bahía de Banderas, where Playa Escondida is, which translates as hidden beach and that's actually what it is: you actually have to swim under to reach is located and it's well worth it, because the view is spectacular! Today, it is an natural area protected by Mexican authorities, regulating how much people visit it at a time in order to protect the fauna and flora, maybe get a peek of the local orcas?

If you're in for an exotic pedicure, Sayulita has the up and coming ichthyotherapy option, where tiny fish come and literally remove off all the dead skin from your feet and leave them feeling baby-butt smooth. Don't worry, they don't bite hard, it's more just a very subtle tickly sensation, surprisingly very relaxing. The options Sayulita has to offer to spend your time are plentiful! Even if it's just people-surfing-watching or staring and listening to the sounds of the ocean waves as you drift to a comfortable beach side nap or sip a cold beer or margarita to refresh.

Whatever you decide, if you like a less commercial environment but still love to enjoy the beach, the ocean and everything that comes with a coastal town, Sayulita is a must! I really can't recommend it enough.

We found a lotus flower growing in one of the local home's yard
My hubby and I below.

How to get there?

Most international travelers will have to catch a flight with final destination at PVR, Puerto Vallarta's International Airport. Once you're in P.V., you can either:
  • Rent a car and go north, following the signs to Tepic, you keep following this road (you'll start to feel the vibe as you pass many curves and enjoy the jungle landscape) for approximately 22 miles (around an hour). The Sayulita turnoff will be on your left and you will see signs for it.
  • If you don't have much luggage, you can also hop on the local bus that will take you right outside the Arrivals area at the airport, it will have a SAYULITA sign on the front of it and will only cost you around 30 pesos (since I last checked). 
However it is you get there, I hope you do! As Sayulita is one of Mexico's charming little corners we mustn't miss out on. Let me know how it goes. ;)

If you want more information about your trip to Sayulita, here's a good website you can check out!

The following pictures were taken on the road on our way there.

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